In today’s world we are blessed with information especially on the Internet. Everything is on our fingertips, literally. It is probably no surprise that most motorists may think that they probably know everything there is to know about insuring automobiles. This may be true for only a handful of people. So, why don’t you test your knowledge with these facts and see how well you do.

  1. Young People Suffer More Fatalities

Nearly 30% of all traffic related fatalities are young people. This is really concerning and one of the reasons why young drivers get charged much more for car insurance in comparison to people over the age of 25.

  1. Teenagers Speeds

You would think that they would be more cautious because they are just getting the hang of the roads but they are three times more likely to go over the speed limits. Again, they prove the point that they are high risk and would face much higher rates.

  1. Too Many Uninsured Drivers

About 12% of motorists in the USA don’t have any coverage and it increases to as much as 20% in some states like Texas. This is really a worrying number that should make you think about uninsured motorist coverage.

  1. Most People Wear Seatbelts

This is one good news. People appear to understand the importance of buckling up, which can save thousands of lives every year. Otherwise, the chance of survival in a collision is reduced substantially.

  1. Vehicle Insurance Doesn’t Cover Everything

Things like mechanical breakdowns and wear and tear aren’t within the realm of the policy provisions. The perils included are clearly defined and companies will stick to them very closely.

  1. Premiums Start Coming Down with Age

As mentioned above, teenagers get charged as much as twice as much as mature drivers. However, things ease up especially after the age of twenty-five. It can start going up again after a certain age because with old age people start losing sharpness that causes more incidents on the roads.

  1. Colour Is Just a Personal Choice

Often people ask; is insurance higher on red cars? It is difficult to know where this myth originated from but there is no such thing. You can buy blue, white, black or red vehicles as you please without worrying about the premium implications of it.

  1. Liability Auto Insurance Is Mandatory

It is the case nearly all over the world with different levels of minimum requirements. It is there to protect unsuspecting road users who might suffer injuries and damages. The least people can do is to make sure they do their part to protect them.

  1. Traffic Related Deaths Are More than Many Wars

People always talk about the devastation of war but traffic is as dangerous if not more. So, you always need to be on the lookout for the roads. Not only do you need to watch your own actions but also be on the lookout for other dangers around you.

  1. You Can Save Money on Car Insurance

Surprisingly, so many motorists believe that they cannot save much money by shopping around. This isn’t definitely true and you should always check for better prices. It isn’t difficult at all today as you can get many quotes within an hour or so. Take advantage of these facilities and enjoy savings renewal after renewal.

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