The main function of car mats is protection of the floor carpet covering from dirt, snow from passengers’ shoes, spilled beverages and wear. Such accessories are irreplaceable for any car, as it is easy to replace a car mat than the floor cover.

Apart from mats made for car cabin, our online-shop presents mats for luggage or cargo compartments, as well as mats for protection of seats upholstery during transportation of pets inside.

Car mats are made of rubber, PVC, polypropylene foam or carpet. Moreover, car mats can be universal – suitable for any car models, and custom, made for the exact vehicle model. The second type is made with taking into account all peculiarities of the car floor: including such elements as seats supports, floor tunnel, pedals and door sills. Usually such mats have floor fasteners, which prevent mat displacement during driving. These mats cost more, but are characterized by higher quality. The mats made for models with automatic transmission may have a special platform for the driver’s left foot. You can find car mats at

Usually, a car mat for a driver has an additional layer near the feet, as this place wears out faster.
Typically, mats for cars are sold in a kit, including 4 or 5 elements, and sometimes, the separate mat for the luggage compartment is also included into such kit.

The main advantage of the carpet mats is their neat and attractive appearance, which does not distinguish them from the car interior design. However, these mats dry longer if get wet. Choosing carpet mats make sure that they have rubber-coated down side; otherwise water will soak through it.
It is easier to clean and dry the rubber or PVC mats, but not everybody likes their appearance. Such car floor mats can be made with sidewalls or without them. Presence of the walls allows preventing water from getting outside the mat.

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