No one wants to pay a high premium for auto insurance these days because of the many things that place a demand on our money, time and attention. But by taking advantage of the internet with free car and home insurance quotes, just anyone can search for auto insurance quotes that have the potential of saving you lots of money on your insurance premiums.

For those individuals out there who are thinking of doing a research to see if they are paying way too much for their car insurance, let’s examine how much of a truth exist in the myriad of thoughts individuals have on their minds when seeking for free auto insurance in Sudbury Ontario.

Fact or Fiction?

  • Anyone who drives a car with the permission of the owner is covered on the insurance policy. This is a fact. Since the insurance policy of a car is for the car rather than the driver, anyone who drives the vehicle with the permission of the owner is covered by insurance.
  • The insurance premium on red colored vehicles is higher resulting in higher quote prices. This is fiction. As opposed to popular belief, color is not put into consideration when calculating auto insurance quotes.
  • The quote goes up when a driver gets his or her first violation for over speeding. This is fiction. In lots of cases, insurance brokers do not increase premiums or quote until a driver incur lots of violations.
  • Cheap cars will get cheaper insurance quotes. This is a Fiction. If a car has a large engine or is considered to be a high performance car or a sports car, it will naturally run a higher quote independent of the cost or age of the vehicle.
  • The lowest coverage on your vehicle is enough. Fiction. If you are to blame in a crash that results in a lawsuit, and the car is not well insured, your assets may be seized to pay for the damages that were not covered by your insurance.
  • Urban car insurance quotes are more expensive than those resident in rural areas.This is a fact. Those individuals who live in the city have to deal with higher risks of theft and more traffic than those who reside in rural areas. The gives rise to higher car insurance quotes for those who reside in the urban areas.
  • Your credit rating is considered by auto insurers when calculating your quote. Fact. Insurers have now discovered a close correlation between the risk you pose to them and your credit rating. For this reason, the higher your credit score, the more likely you will get a cheaper car insurance quote.
  • Auto insurance firms charge whatever they feel like. Fiction. Each province requires insurance firms to disclose their formula for calculating car insurance rates. The information is reviewed by regulators to ensure that they conform to laid-down guidelines.

When you separate the facts from fiction, it becomes easy to save money off your auto insurance cover. Do not be hoodwinked by the rumors making the rounds about car insurance quotes. Be informed, compare quotes and get the right insurance at the right premium.

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