More and more Australian homeowners are turning to container homes when they wish to extend their living space, which is considerably cheaper than a traditional bricks and mortar extension, plus a stand-alone structure offers many benefits. It could be used for any of the following:

  • Home office
  • Study centre
  • Extra bedroom
  • Independent living space
  • Man cave

The Foundation

The foundation would be concrete with steel rebar to reinforce, and ideally the base would be at least one metre larger than the unit, which allows you to walk around the structure. It is important to run all utilities under the base and have the pipes emerge in exactly the right locations, ready to be connected up. The depth of the foundation would very much depend on the size and weight of the structure, and the modular home builder would be able to give you exact specifications. Some modular home builders offer a foundation service, but failing that, they will furnish you with the recommended specifications of the concrete base.

The Lift

Typically, a modular home is assembled in a factory, then is transported to the site and lifted by crane into place. Trees and power cables must be taken into account, and there needs to be sufficient space for the crane to get into position, while most modular home builders are responsible for the site lift, as they have the know-how and the machinery for very heavy lifting. Hiring a mobile crane in Perth is never an issue and they have extensive experience with modular homes.

Rubber Mats

Special neoprene rubber mats would be placed so that the container home would sit on them, protecting the unit and the concrete base. Levels need to be checked prior to the lift, and if the modular home builder is involved, they will handle the placement on the unit.

Local Authority Approval

If you are planning to have a modular building on your property, you will have to apply to the local authority to get a permit, which is usually straightforward enough. If you need any assistance with this, the modular home builder would have a wealth of experience in such matters and they would be happy to advise.

In the event you ever need heavy lifting services, the easiest way to source a local crane hire firm is a Google search, and they would be happy to send an engineer to quote for the project.


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