For some people to get behind the wheel of a lifted truck may be one of the best feelings they have ever had.  Of course, there are some options to make it real and lift kit is one of them.

In general, lift kit is a useful modification for everyone who wants their truck to stand out, but you also have to keep in mind that there are two kinds of it – body lift kit and suspension lift kit.

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The idea of body lift is quite simple and lies in the fact that the body of the truck and most components of suspension are attached to the truck’s frame, so to lift the body all you have to do is to install higher deprecation pillows between the body and the frame and then to fill new empty space with a special material. Usually body lifts are more affordable and easier to install, but they do not increase the overall truck’s clearance, which can create havoc down the line for your suspension.

If we talk about suspension lift, their price is higher most of the time and they are harder to install, it is a lot more complex process. It usually involves replacing of everything from the leaf springs and shocks to the trailing, control arms and steering components.  But doing this allows for more ground clearance, the ability to run larger tires and in general more capable off-road vehicle.

So, if you don’t want to make big changes to your vehicle – body lifts kit are for you, and if you want something that can give you this monster truck feeling – suspension lift kits are exactly what you need.

Of course, it is all about your preferences to get you truck lifted by a lift kit or not, but it is important to mention some of the most important reasons why you should do it. First, it improves truck’s ability to drive through extreme road conditions, the higher your truck is, the less you have to worry about rocks -and mud hitting the lower part of your vehicle. Second, you get more space for bigger tires that provide more traction when you take all kind of terrain like snow or ice. And the last one, lifting your truck can easily transform it from a city cruiser to the off-road monster you have always dreamed of.

To dive deeper into the topic I’d recommend to watch this video on Youtube.

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