As we all are aware of the advance and latest technologies. Maruti has taken the first step towards it. From April 1, 2020, no diesel car will be launched and will be available from Maruti Suzuki.

In Indian markets, no cars that are the variation of diesel will be seen in the market. Maruti has taken this step because of so many issues arising in the Indian market.

The reasons behind taking this step by Maruti are

  • The diesel engine escalates the cost.
  • It results in price sustainability.

But do not worry. All the petrol variants will remain in the market for sale. From April 1, 2020, only BS VI compliant vehicles, will remain for sale in the market.

Moreover, this has become the problem for carmakers what to do with the existing engines. Whether they can transform them, building new engines, or discontinues the use of diesel engines completely. When there was no choice left with the makers they decided to discontinue the use of diesel engines. This will come into the run from 2020 April.

Just after the discontinuing the use of diesel engine, BS-VI engines will be introduced that will prove out to be the boon for the society when it comes to the automobile section.


There are so many other reasons being to stop the manufacturing of diesel engines. According to the researches, it has been shown:

In the past year, the sale of Maruti Suzuki cars with a diesel engine was only 22-23%

The prices become significant, which not let the manufactures to raise the prices.

Recently, the new 1.5-liter engine that has launched by Maruti, will also take back by the company. Along with it, if there will be the demand for any of the diesel engine in the market, then only it will come back to the sale.

The BS-4 engines are available will also not available from the last of 2019. All new variants will be introduced to get high as compared to the last sales.

It might be possible the 1.5-liter engine will remain in the market, but as confirmed from the sources, it will remain only in case the demand of this engine will be high.

Further explaining the reason, the makers also add there is a gap has been arising. People need to prefer those engines that will suit their budget as well as will suit their situation.

Diesel engines are cost-effective but not durable. Durability is the only reason why the use of diesel engines has been reduced within a society.

Maruti Suzuki, let to face a loss in the overall growth product of their sale when they get aware of this particular thing. Just to enhance the growth scale, Maruti Suzuki has decided to discontinue the use of diesel engine and implement some modern techniques.

Being one of the top automobile makers, Maruti Suzuki has also decided to make changes in the existing engine also. This transformation involves a significant amount of money, but they will try to enhance it.

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