There are simple do it yourself maintenance that don’t require an expert to handle.


Check your bike’s tyre pressure regularly. This is important as underinflated tires affect the handling and braking. Lack of pressure means the tyre wall will not properly bear the forces on it. The reverse i.e. over inflation reduces the size of contact patch on the road which affects the grip.

To get accurate pressure readings, use a quality pressure gauge. Also at that the same time check the overall condition of the bike and treads depth.

The tension of the chain

Without the correct chain tension can cause premature sprocket and wearing of the gearbox. It could also lead to rough gear shifts and transmission. It’s always good to check the manual for correct tension. The best way is to set it with some load on it. Lubricate the chain as well so as to prolong its life.


A discharged battery means that’s the end of its life, so it’s important for routine checks to determine its status. While at it be careful as they contain strong acid which are harmful when it comes in contact with the skin. Check the acid level by placing the battery in a leveled surface. If it’s low, top up with de-ionized water before charging it. Avoid overfilling as the acid will drain out and overflow. The battery terminals should be greased before replacing it so as to avoid corrosion.

Spark plugs

This is not a regular thing. It’s an easy and quick process with the right tools. Having the correct plugs is correct, this can be done by counterchecking with the code number of each as they vary from one manufacturer to another such as


If your bike has a coolant expansion tank, it’s always good to check it. The levels are marked on the outside of the translucent tank. Changing the coolant altogether is also an easy job and takes a short time. Ensure it’s at the recommended level and expel the unwanted air.

Changing oil and filter

With the right tools, oil and a filter, this can easily be done. After draining the oil, remove the filler cap then remove the sump plug. Refill the engine as required to the correct level.


It’s important to keep your bike clean and keep that fresh look. Using some cleaning solutions, its best if you rinse with water and before spraying the cleanser.

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