Always negotiate the purchase of a car. Here are some tips for negotiating your purchase. It is best to understand what you want. Buy the car based on your preference including the model, the color, the motorization, the options, the budget etc. You can easily get a nice discount by following our advice, unless you have in mind a very high-end model, and as long as the desired vehicle is in stock. Also consider the maintenance conditions and the duration of the warranty.

Dos and Don’ts

Know exactly what you want and at what price before starting the search. Set budget limits. Never buy at the first visit and without checking with the competition. Check out auto magazines and use the free comparison tools available on the internet. The following are the 3 different stages of the negotiation. The first is your purchase in a big city, the second is the things you should not do and the third is to avoid false discounts. A Denver Kia Dealer will offer you the best suggestion regarding the same.

Buy in a big city

Buy preferably in a large city. There you can more easily compare and compete. Bear in mind that you are likely to leave the maintenance and repairs where you bought your car.

Not to do

Do not talk directly about the significant reduction you would like to get. On the contrary, the initiative must be left with the seller. It goes without saying that we must not accept the first proposal of the seller because it can do much better. Make him understand that you have all the time, that the brand does not matter and that you will see elsewhere too. That way you put it under pressure. Come back one or more times and talk about the discounts you got from the competition. And if he really does not offer you better, it’s probably because he cannot.

The Discounts

Getting a discount of 3% to 19% according to the brands is quite common. It is often possible, by skillful negotiation, to obtain a reduction of several hundred dollars on the price of a new car with sometimes significant differences between points of sale of the same brand.

Avoid false discounts

Do not settle for gadgets without values of the car radio or the floor mat. These gadgets are only there to better make you swallow the pill. Do not talk about the recovery of your old car. Also do not enter the recovery of your car in the discussion before obtaining the desired discount. If you do it anyway he or she will influence the discussion to your disadvantage.

This is also true for credit. Before signing for an agreement, check that your bank does not offer you better. Some sellers offer credits at “0% APR” but do not give any discount. Find out how much you can save with and without credit and make your calculations comfortable at home. If you call a Denver Kia Dealer then he will be able to guide you to the right set of cars. This is the best option that you can have now and that also within your specific budget.

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