For years, Fiat has been a car proven to be reliable and cost-effective in the long run, offering motorists a wide range of benefits and advantages on the road that are not experienced with other options. This year’s Fiats are no exception to this rule and you can enjoy some of the best and smoothest riding in your life in this compact car designed to offer support and reliability. Not only this, but you will see a marked improvement to the environment while driving this car due to dramatically reduced emissions when compared to many other car models.


Italian vehicles simply look beautiful and the Fiat is no different, especially when you consider the typical design for small cars. While not usually seen on the road as often as larger variations, your sporty new mini-car is sure to capture the right type of attention while you spend time driving around the city or rural areas of the continent. The 2017 Fiat 500E has an unmistakeable European style and attractive flair that helps it to stand out from the traditional look of the mini-car, and this will also come with an assortment of beautiful colours.


Cars and Co new Fiat deals allow you to choose from a number of options and with the great savings on petrol from switching to a more energy-efficient car, you have much more money to spend on other aspects of life. Electric cars eliminate the cost of petrol from your budget altogether and allow you to save hundreds in a single month, depending on how often you typically fill up your old vehicle. Electricity is also considered a domestic resource, meaning that you contribute to energy independence while saving significant amounts of money in the process.

Exciting to Drive

Fiats are simply excellent cars that allow you to have a great time when spending part of the day on the road and they have a great deal of energy in them. In just 8.4 seconds, it is possible for you to reach 95kph, which is much faster than the Fiat 500 gas model. The fast starting and stopping capacity of this car will also allow you to truly enjoy this car at your own pace, no matter if that is slower than usual or at a faster clip than many other motorists.

Quiet and Smooth

Electric motors are significantly quieter than their petrol-guzzling cousins, and this will make for a much smoother and quieter performance every single time that you get behind the wheel of your new car. The new Fiat is absolutely no exception to this fantastic fact and you may barely notice the engine running at all for all its quiet power, which may lead to less noise in general and allow for a much more comfortable commute to your destination. Acceleration and braking are also rather smooth and quiet while feeling great and the smaller car will easily handle tight curves at high speeds without so much as a single tug at the controls or any type of struggle on your part for control of the vehicle.

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