If you require vehicle storage for your automobile, there are some things you need to do before you put your car away for a season (or however long it will be). You want your car to be in good shape when you take it out of storage, be it short-term or long-term. You want it to start right away and to be capable of driving it away safely.

Before you use a vehicle storage facility, it would be to your advantage to wash your car from top to bottom. Roll up your sleeves and clean the inside and outside, as well as under the carriage. Open up the hood and clean that too. Be as thorough as you can possibly be.

This is a good time to polish the chrome. Make it shine to perfection! Use a high quality type of auto wax to give the exterior what it needs to look amazing. Before you use a vehicle storage unit, you will want to get your car looking as bright and brand new as possible. The car should be completely dry before it is put away in the facility. Having it dry instead of wet will prevent rust from developing on it.

Take a look at all of the fluids in your car. You want to top up all of the ones that are low. Make sure that the gas tank is full in order to avoid any corrosion formation. Check that the radiator has plenty of antifreeze and that the windshield washer fluid has as much winter antifreeze as it will handle. If you decide not to fill up the windshield washer fluid, you should instead drain it fully.

Before storing your automobile in the facility, change all of the fluids. In order for your car to function at its top level of performance, each and every fluid needs to be up to date. This includes the engine oil, coolant, brake fluid and washer fluid. It also includes the clutch fluid (if the car has a standard transmission) and the oil filter.

It is important to protect the battery. If you plan to store your vehicle over the colder months of the year, the smartest thing to do is to disconnect the battery. This is a wise move because it prevents the battery from draining while the automobile is in vehicle storage. If your plan is to store it for an extended period, such as six to eight months for example, removing the battery completely and storing it in a safe place is smart.

Pay attention to the parking brake before you put your car or truck away for a designated length of time. You do not want to leave the brake engaged while the motor vehicle is being stored. If it is left engaged, the brake can seize up. You do not want to have to make repairs as soon as you take the automobile out of a long-term facility.

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