In order for the vehicle to move, the tyres have to rotate in a certain direction and be balanced to ensure a smooth and safe ride. These services are known as wheel alignment and wheel balancing.

What is Wheel Alignment?

This refers to the adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension. It’s the system that connects tyres to the vehicle, and it has to be properly aligned for the car to move smoothy. Wheel alignment keeps the car from straying left to right or vice versa, and also improves the overall handling of the car.

Signs that Your Vehicle Needs Alignment

  • If your car doesn’t move in a straight line when you take your hands off the steering wheel, then it’s a clear indication of misalignment. Toe – the angle of the tyre, the direction that they point towards relative to each other, is one of the things that mechanic will check for misalignment.
  • Camber is the angle of the wheel that can be seen from the front of the vehicle. If it leans to the side in either direction then the camber is said to be misaligned.
  • Caster is the steering pivot’s angle as seen from the side of the vehicle. If you hit a speed bump hard and find the steering wheel vibrating during acceleration then it’s time to go in for wheel alignment.

What is Wheel Balancing?

The uneven distribution of weight and wobbling of the tires due to imbalance is a serious issue and needs to be fixed.  If not taken care of, it can lead to wear and tear of the tyres, and damage to the suspension.

Signs that Your Tyres Needs Balancing

  • The very first sign of imbalanced wheels is vibration and wobbling of the vehicle. Take you vehicle in for checkup and it’s easier to get an online appointment with trusted service centers like the Dubai Tyre Shop. Whether you are going in for a maintenance check or looking to buy tyre Dubai, the experts there will help you out.
  • Another way to know about imbalanced wheel is through buzzing noise or slight humming when driving.
  • Uneven wear of the tires especially if you haven’t gotten tire rotation done in a while, is a sign on imbalanced wheels.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing

Both these services prevent premature tread wear, increasing the life of the tyres. When you take your vehicle in for checkup and the verdict is you need new donuts, then make sure you buy from a reliable shop. Dubai Tyre Shop has a diverse range and offers BFgoodrich tires for sale at market competitive rates. You can also check out other brands and their prices before making a final decision.

Remember, proper and timely balancing means less tyre wear, a smoother ride, and a reduced strain on the drivetrain. The right alignment means longer tyre life, comfortable ride, and overall safety.

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